How should people who run trials plan for retention during their funding application and creation of the trial (protocol development)?

  • “The protocol should specifically exclude patients who will not be easily available for follow up e.g. if face-to-face follow up is required, they should be excluded if their home is too far away or they are planning to move away from the area or they spend 6 months of the year in Spain; if only telephone follow up is required, then it might be advisable to only include patients who can be contacted by mobile phone.” (Investigator (e.g. Chief Investigator, Principal Investigator, Co-investigator))
  • “Consult community and primary services when planning study follow up. Community services are often overlooked.” (Frontline staff or other staff involved or invested in trial retention (e.g. Research Nurse, Trial Manager, regulatory or oversight role such as Sponsor or Research Director))