To what extent (if any) do studies that explore retention procedures before the main trial (i.e. feasibility study) lead to improvements in retention in the main trial?

  • “What is appropriate for one RCT may not be for another. Study data collection should be discussed at the research design stage of the trial.” (Patient or public member involved in a trial (as a participant or parent/carer of a participant, or as a contributor to design/delivery of trial)
  • “I think online systems can make it easier for young people to access follow-up questionnaires, this is something that should be considered depending on the patient population at the planning phase. If parents are being asked to travel to a hospital for a follow-up (e.g. 6 week follow up) may be useful to consider if this could be carried out via phone by a research nurse to save them travel costs / make it more convenient. We recently offered this as an option in a feasibility trial and this was a positive for parents in terms of engagement because many lived a considerable distance from the hospital.” (Frontline staff or other staff involved or invested in trial retention (e.g. Research Nurse, Trial Manager, regulatory or oversight role such as Sponsor or Research Director))