What strategies (e.g. sending Christmas cards or saying ‘thank you’) make participants feel valued and how do they affect retention?

  • “Any opportunity for patient contact, whether email, phone call, letter etc should start with a simple “thank you for your involvement” and a reminder of how important the patient’s data are. Patients need to be continually reminded of their value.” (Patient or public member involved in a trial (as a participant or parent/carer of a participant, or as a contributor to design/delivery of trial))
  • “Whoever it is, trial staff need to be able to develop rapport quickly with patients and make them feel the most valued person. Giving a little extra guarantees that patients will comply with things you need them to do. It’s all about quid pro quo. Christmas and birthday cards might also help, making participants feel valued, as they are generally giving themselves for free.” (Frontline staff or other staff involved or invested in trial retention (e.g. Research Nurse, Trial Manager, regulatory or oversight role such as Sponsor or Research Director))