What are the advantages and disadvantages to using technology during the recruitment process?

Technology might include, for example, mobile applications, websites and e-health.
  • “Don’t assume everyone can use technology. There is a move towards electronic questionnaires, text messaging reminders etc. – this may alienate some populations and whilst other media may also be used, populations may feel that trials are not designed for people like them”.
  • “We should also be looking at the use of technology to engage participation especially as more people are still working into their 60’s and 70’s as they often don’t have time to come to an appointment but could find 30mins to sit at their computer.”
  • “I think using various methods of explanation of what is involved should be used. Each person has a different method of processing information, so need to use various methods to provide a comprehensive message. Using, technology, art, colours, social media, apps, group discussion, one to one discussion, family involvement, are ways that help people gain a full insight to the trial they are participating in.”