What aspects of trial retention do participants perceive as burdensome and how can these be addressed?

  • “Waiting in waiting rooms for appointments is demanding on people who are debilitated. Efforts should be made to keep to time with appointments and ensure access to parking close to the clinic or provide taxi transport to the appointment.” (Patient or public member involved in a trial (as a participant or parent/carer of a participant, or as a contributor to design/delivery of trial))
  • “This will be impacted by what being involved requires, e.g. multiple trips to a hospital for data collection, lots of waiting around, painful procedures etc. It is also affected by personal factors so their own health or that of other family members who they may rely on to accompany them to data collection visits or who they may have caring responsibilities for” (Investigator (e.g. Chief Investigator, Principal Investigator, Co-investigator))