How does a sense of belonging or being part of something amongst trial participants affect retention?

  • “For me, the team supporting me are key to keeping me involved. I’ve met another person on the same trial through a Facebook forum for our disease. That has been really helpful too, to compare notes. Some of my family and friends have also taken a great interest in the trial, supporting me to tease out the ethical dilemmas.” (Patient or public member involved in a trial (as a participant or parent/carer of a participant, or as a contributor to design/delivery of trial)
  • “Once recruited, patients tend to stay involved if they feel a sense of “belonging” as regards the trial – e.g. investing their time and efforts in attending visits/completing questionnaires helps them acquire some ownership in their participation.” (Frontline staff or other staff involved or invested in trial retention (e.g. Research Nurse, Trial Manager, regulatory or oversight role such as Sponsor or Research Director))