How does continuity (e.g. seeing/speaking to the same staff) and consistency (e.g. of trial information) affect retention?

  • “It’s always a danger during long-term follow-up in studies that staff turnover will mean that visits are lost/trials get forgotten about, especially in recruiting sites with busy portfolios. They would always be told to focus on active patients when covering for a colleague who may have left, which leaves the door open for missing follow-up data.” (Frontline staff or other staff involved or invested in trial retention (e.g. Research Nurse, Trial Manager, regulatory or oversight role such as Sponsor or Research Director))
  • “I was always met by the study nurse and developed a relationship with her – a real incentive to stay… I had a very good experience with the study nurse. Keeping the same person as the contact point makes a real difference.” (Patient or public member involved in a trial (as a participant or parent/carer of a participant, or as a contributor to design/delivery of trial))